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At our center you have the power to choose the place where you meet your therapist. Your convenience is also our priority. Our professionals are ready to serve you by giving you the tools you need to help you feel better at the place of your choice.

About us

We are Access Medical Care (AMC), a Community Based Mental Health Organization that is committed to excellence. A quality driven organization focused on delivering services to support and strengthen our culturally diverse communities. Leading the industry through an individualized service approach and fostering an environment in which the individuals and families we serve will thrive, resulting in recovery, self-sufficiency, and independence.

Ours Services

Individual Therapy

This is available to individuals who are experiencing difficulties and impaired functioning in handling life’s challenges.

Group Therapy

Certain issues are better treated in a group setting. Access Medical Care offers group therapy for various issues and populations based on need.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is similar to individual counseling except the session includes family members with goals identified for all. Family therapy usually takes place for 1 hour weekly.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available to individuals needing an evaluation and/or follow up for medication management.

Open Hours

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